Popular items back in stock!

Two popular items that were sold out for a limited time and limited quantity will be back in stock starting from June 23, 21:00!

First item:

Pearl Mini Bow Earrings

These earrings can be worn in various positions on the ear and look adorable when stacked, as shown in the photo.

:::Material::: Earrings: 14kgf post, resin pearl Earings: Gold-plated, resin pearl Weight: Approximately 1g

:::Size::: Approximately 20mm square

¥7,700 (including tax)

Product page is here

Second item:


These earrings are known for their comfortable fit and lightweight, making you forget that you're wearing them. They are also popular for layering with other accessories and have been featured in various magazines and worn by celebrities.


 Brass, nickel-free 18K coating


Vertical: Approximately 30mm, Horizontal: Approximately 30mm

¥5,500 (including tax)

Product page is here

We also have a list of other limited edition items available.

All items will be on sale for a limited time and limited quantity from June 23, 21:00 to June 26, 23:59, so don't miss out!

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