Legal notice


Representative: Keiko Maekawa

Location: 1-456-1 Handa, Osaka Sayama-shi, Osaka

Phone number: 072-365-0009 (Please contact us via chat)

E-mail address:

Selling price: The amount shown on the product page (tax included)

Fees required other than product price: (tax included)

Shipping fee: 360 yen (tax included)

Bank transfer fee: Varies depending on the financial institution

Payment method and time of payment: Credit card: Please contact your credit card company.

Credit card: At the time of billing by your credit card company

Google Pay/Apple Pay/PayPal: At the time of billing by the credit card company registered in your account

QR Code payment: When you place your order.

Time of payment: At the time of order

Payday: Invoices will be issued on the 1st of the following month after the monthly billing is finalized at the end of each month and will be sent via e-mail or SMS (short message) by the 3rd of the month. Payment methods include payment at convenience stores, bank transfer, and direct debit. The convenience store payment fee is 190 yen, the deferred payment (payday) fee is 356 yen, and the bank transfer fee for bank transfers is the responsibility of the customer.

Delivery time: If the product is in stock, it will be shipped within 7 business days after the order is placed, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

For items sold on order, we will ship within the delivery period specified for each product.

Delivery method: Delivery to your home.

Returns, defective products, and cancellations

If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us in advance by e-mail.

We do not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases

Items that have been in our warehouse for more than a week after delivery.

Merchandise that has had the tags removed

Merchandise that has been used at least once

Products made to order (custom-made products)

Items that are damaged or stained due to the customer's negligence (including packages and accessories)

Items returned due to customer's own reason (wrong image, wrong size, wrong order, etc.)

Other items that clearly show signs of use (e.g., smell of perfume or cigarettes, cosmetics, soreness, dirt, etc.)

*Please note that we do not accept returns due to customer's reasons, such as the item was different from the image, the size does not fit, etc.

Please note that we cannot accept returns for any reason other than the customer's own, such as the item not matching the image or the size.

Return period: 7 days