Insta-live archive information

We have left an archive of the video we recently live-streamed on Instagram.

11.2.thu.21:00, we introduce our new collection of restocked items as well as our popular regular items with some recommendations and combination ideas with models wearing them.

Please click the link below. (Instagram will open.)

Introduced items

01:00 Chandelier Pierce/Earrings
04:00 Frills Pierce/Earrings
06:00 Wave Pearl Earcuff
08:00 Petal Pearl Earcuff
10:00 Swirl Earrings
13:00 Branch Heart Necklace
16:40 Art-deco Earrings
18:23 Four Hoops Pierce/Earrings
19:15 Balance Pierce/Earrings
22:10 Infinity Pearl Earcuff
24:10 Pearl Heart Ring

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