Archive Sale (Discontinued Products and Sales)

Thank you for your continued patronage of HAPPY CAKE JEWELS.

We would like to inform you of the products that will be discontinued as soon as the stock runs out.

To show our appreciation for your continued patronage, we will be selling the discontinued items at a 50% off sale price.

Sale starts at 21:00 on December 1 (Fri.)

Discontinued items: 4 items below

Infinity Pearl Ear Cuff

4,400 yen (including tax) → ¥2,200 (including tax) Save ¥2,200!

Mix Chain Necklace

5,500 yen (w/tax) → ¥2,750 (w/tax) Save ¥2,750!

Pearl Necklace

24,200 yen (w/tax) → ¥12,100 (w/tax) Save ¥12,100!

Ball Chain Necklace

2,200 yen (w/tax) → ¥1,100 (w/tax) Save ¥1,100!

The three types of necklaces can be docked and used in many different ways.

We hope you will take this opportunity to purchase them.

To avoid missing out, you can use our official LINE account to receive notifications when the sale is about to start. (We are also giving away a 10% off coupon at the same time you register!) If you have not yet done so, please click the link below to register as a friend.

LINE Friend Registration

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