Listings prior to 2019

  1. 2019.10

    Hoop Heart earrings were featured on model and actress Eri Saito's personal clothing account #Erisifuku.


    TV program "Gatten! Chika Yamane wore our CRYSTAL WHEEL earrings


    Mobile No.2 earrings were worn by Chika Yamane on the TV program "Ozumou e-no Yakusai".


    Chika Yamane wore our mobile No.2 earrings in the TV program "Gatten! Chika Yamane wore our earrings on the TV program "Gatten!


    Ayame Tsuyoshi wore our Circle Reversible Ear Cuff on the TV program "Kiseki Densetsu Unbilly Babo".

  2. July 2017

    Minyu Yoshimoto wore this ear cuff in the TV program "Potential Ability Test".


    Worn by Minyu Yoshimoto in the TV program "Hayashi Sensei Surprises Hatsumimimi Gaku".

    2017.5 Ayame Tsuyoshi wore our butterfly ring andscallop ring on the TV program "Miracle Experience Unbilly Bobo".


    Our products were featured in the June issue of "Linnell" magazine.

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